Building Bridges is one of the four key pillars of our work at the Mandela School. It's a programme designed to do exactly as its name suggests: to build vital connections:

  • between theory and practice
  • between emerging leaders and experts
  • between the African continent and the world


The Building Bridges team consists of Dr Marianne Camerer and Ms Mabel Sithole. Together, they focus on three key annual projects: the Emerging African Leaders programme, the LeAD Campus Initiative and a series of Expert's Meetings, all of which aim to forge meaningful networks of collaboration around key policy issues and foster personal leadership growth. The projects bring together influential Africans to deepen understanding of - and seek multi-disciplinary solutions to - key challenges facing the continent.


Our 2016 African Economic Integration Report was a chance to reflect on Building Bridges' first three years. Or, you can see our programme in the press.