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Master's in Development Policy and Practice (CM038DPP01)

Academic Director:
Dr Shanil Haricharan

Postgraduate Programme Manager:
Ms Elvina Moosa (Contact: elvina.moosa@uct.ac.za)

Postgraduate Programme Coordinator:
Ms Zikhona Sikota (Contact: zikhona.sikota@uct.ac.za)

Entrance requirements:  

Honours degree or equivalent and at least five years’ professional experience, preferably in the public sector. 

Course outline:

The Mandela School’s Master's Degree in Development Policy and Practice develops your potential in strategic public leadership and offers a structured and sustained learning opportunity, at the cutting edge of global knowledge and experience. Participants undertake applied research in public policy design and implementation. The course is offered on a part-time basis with 4 two-week intensive blocks in Cape Town over two years. The goal of the Master's is to equip participants with a new set of skills to enhance their capabilities as strategic leaders in the public sector, civil society or international organisations.


2-years part-time

Prescribed curriculum structure:

The degree is by coursework and dissertation and consists of 6 courses and 1 dissertation.  
Each semester is divided into two segments: an intensive, face-to-face sixteen day ‘block release’ segment; and a distance learning segment.  During the distance learning, participants (with support from Mandela School faculty) work on assignments designed to draw on perspectives and tools explored during the intensive segment addressing real challenges in students’ work settings. In the course of the face-to-face ‘block release’ segment, faculty work on a one-to-one basis with participants to define and refine the focus of their distance-learning assignments. The principal focus of the Master's is on skills which are not conventionally taught within disciplinary programmes, but which are key to effectiveness as leaders.


Course Code Course Name    
GPP5001F Strategic policy-making for development, analysis and practice    


Policy implementation and the regulation of markets    
GPP5003W Leadership 1    
GPP5004W  Topics in development policy     
GPP5006S Research and policy numeracy    
GPP5007F Leadership 2    
GPP5008W Issues in economic development in Africa    
GPP5009S Research design and proposal development    
GPP5010S Research project    


To qualify for the Master's in Development Policy and Practice, students must pass all courses, including the research component. A pass is above 50%.

NOTE: For further information please see:

  1. Commerce Faculty Postgraduate Handbook
  2. Commerce Faculty Downloads Page