Apply for the Action for Equity Award

11 Jan 2018 - 09:30

Who - Organisations working within South Africa, tackling inequality, with a focus on labour/employment issues (determined by panel after applications submitted) in South Africa.

What - The Action for Equity Award offers up to R800 000 to highlight the great work taking place across South Africa, and to support this continued work. The winner will also be promoted to those attending the third Annual Conference, other charitable and campaign organisations, policy makers, academics and the press.

Why - The Award will build the brand of the Atlantic Fellows, support the important work taking place across South Africa, build connections through the Award and the conference promotion, and bring the Atlantic Fellows into contact with those undertaking the work.

Where - The Award will take place in South Africa. The applicants will be based in Africa and the majority of their work will focus on, and be for the benefit of, South Africans.

Download the application form here.

For more information, contact Neil Johnson.


You can also see videos of previously shortlisted organisations here: