Apply for the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE)

10 Sep 2019 - 11:45

Challenging inequality requires courage, compassion, commitment – and knowledge. When we understand the structures and systems that perpetuate inequality, we can envision economic, social and political alternatives, and work together to build a better world.

Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) is a funded fellowship programme that brings together activists, practitioners and researchers from around the world to work across disciplines and borders to understand and address the root causes of inequality.

Fellowship begins with an intensive, rigorous learning period at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science, followed by a lifelong, practice-based commitment to social change through collective leadership.

Who are our Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity?

  • Change-makers from around the world – with an emphasis on the global South – who have spent 7 to 10 years fighting inequality, and who have not already had significant access to fellowships or scholarships.
  • Activists, movement-builders, researchers and civil society professionals in fields such as labour and grassroots organising, environmental justice, women’s, minority and migrant rights, community wealth-building, and economic and social rights.
  • Working in areas aligned to the International Inequalities Institute’s three research themes: global care chains; elites, wealth and tax justice; and spatial inequalities and the future of work (learn more at
  • People who will be transformed by the AFSEE experience and go on to have a transformative impact on the world.

What does the AFSEE programme offer?

  • Two funded programme tracks based at LSE: residential and non-residential (learn more at
  • The chance to learn from the latest research on inequalities and share in the insights of peers, scholars, innovators, activists and social change organisations.
  • Opportunities to explore the practices and contexts that make equitable change possible, including systems thinking, campaigning and community building.
  • Mentoring, leadership development and project work.
  • A catalytic, lifelong community of fellows from seven Atlantic Fellowships.


Applications are open until 22 October 2019: