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Programme overview


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The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has appointed the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town, supported by Zenande Leadership Consulting, to develop and implement the Local Government Women’s Leadership Development Programme on its behalf.

This initiative is a timely intervention aimed at building women councillors and managers’ personal agency, capacity, resilience and solidarity to ensure that they are empowered and equipped with the requisite skills and competencies to advance transformation and address the complex challenges of local government. The comprehensive leadership programme seeks to promote diversity in leadership and to enhance women’s leadership capacity and amplify their impact in the local government sphere and the communities they serve.

This highly selective programme is a unique offering specifically tailored to the South African context. In joining the programme, participants access not only exceptional leadership and professional development content and personalised support, but join a powerful and nurturing network of change-makers across the country that will endure beyond the programme’s duration.

Please direct all your programme enquiries to:

Mercia Colbert


UCT - The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance
Hannah Diaz